Neptune’s Necklace

Hormosira Banksii 

 Other common names:  Neptune's Pearls, Sea Grapes or Bubbleweed 


Neptune’s Necklace is a very distinctive shoreline species which resembles a beaded necklace. It has branches which are made up of strings of hollow, saltwater-filled, round or oval-shaped beads joined together on a thin stem 10–30 cm long.


Common through New Zealand and Australia. It is found on rocky ledges and tidal pools in dense mats.


Neptune’s Necklace can be easily gathered by hand with no special tools. It can be foraged throughout the year, although it is best gathered in late winter and early spring when most tender.


Neptune’s Necklace has a very mild, although somewhat salty flavour. It provides a textural element to meals. Tasty when eaten raw, it has a crunchy texture. When heated, it transforms into bright green beads, ideal as a garnish.

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