Ecklonia radiata 

 Other common names:  Common kelp, Golden Kelp 


Kombu is the most popular eating seaweed as it is versatile with a high flavour profile. There are about 18 edible species in the Laminariaceae family and most of them are called Kombu, the Japanese name for Kelp.


Kombu often grows in water 3–10 m in depth and is washed up in abundance after a heavy storm.


Kombu is best foraged in the late spring and summer, when long sunlight hours have helped it to grow to a good length. When exposed to the sun, beach-cast Kombu starts to degrade quickly. The seaweed is sensitive to ultraviolet light and if foraging needs to be collected as soon as possible


Kombu has a nutty flavour and a tender texture. When dried, it is grey-black in colour. Powdered or Kombu soaked in hot water is a flavour enhancer for broths, soups sauces and added to smoothies and sushi rice.

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