Brown seaweeds are very different to the red and green seaweeds. They have evolved on a completely different evolutionary line. Brown seaweed are common in shallow and coastal waters. They are able to grow in deeper water where there isn’t enough sunlight for green seaweeds to survive.

Neptune’s Necklace

Neptune’s Necklace has a very mild, although somewhat salty flavour. It provides a textural element to meals.

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Kombu is the most popular eating seaweed as it is versatile with a high flavour profile. It has a nutty flavour and a tender texture.

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Bladder Kelp

Bladder Kelp grows in regions with cold coastlines, flourishing in sheltered waters and moderately exposed parts of the coast. Despite its appearance, it is not a plant.

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Bull Kelp

Bull Kelp is known for its delicious flavour and texture and can be cooked, dried, fried, fermented or eaten fresh.

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Wakame has a very soft, silky, smooth texture with a tasty, rich, sweet flavour. It is not as salty as other seaweeds.

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